The Many Benefits Of Electricity On-selling

19 October 2018

There are many benefits from the on-selling electricity in an embedded electricity network, but the over-arching benefit is control.

The Australian Energy Market Explained

4 September 2018

The Australian Energy Market is a complex system with different requirements from state to state and various forms of deregulation impacting on electricity supply.

Brownfield Development Conversion Planning

3 September 2018

In an earlier post we discussed converting an existing (or Brownfield) building to an electrical embedded network to take advantage of the financial opportunities that can come with controlling your...

South Melbourne Market Wins FM Innovation Award for Sustainability

3 September 2018

South Melbourne Market has been awarded the FM award for Hospitality and the overall Innovation Award at the recent FM Innovation Awards ceremony held as part of Facilities Week.

The Benefit Of Utility Submetering - Sub Metering Electricity

20 August 2018

Should My Building Be Looking At Utility Submetering?

Changing Your Embedded Network Operator

20 August 2018

Have you been thinking that maybe it’s time to change your embedded network operator (ENO)? Maybe you haven’t been deriving the benefit you believe you should be, or your network...

Regulatory Compliance Update - Australian Energy Regulator

22 June 2018

In earlier posts we discussed the new regulatory compliance requirements of the Australian Energy Regulator called the Power of Choice and the need to appoint an Embedded Network Manager, requirements...

The Embedded Network Operator’s Role In On Selling Electricity and Other Utilities - On Selling Energy

23 May 2018

In this video, Energy On GM Andrew McMeekin describes the role of an Embedded Network Operator to Glenda Dennler of Top Notch Legal.

Embedded Networks - Some Tax Issues To Consider

1 May 2018

Whether embarking on a new development project, or making revisions to your existing building, there’s a lot that goes in to making even the most minor decisions.

Guide for customers of Electrical Embedded Networks

17 January 2018

In earlier insights posts we’ve described what an electrical embedded network is, and we talked about the advantages .

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