Solar Generation in Embedded Networks

Embedded Networks are the most effective way to maximise the benefits of solar generation for your multi-tenant environment.

Modern homes and businesses want to have a positive impact on the environment, while also reducing their energy bills. However, incorporating solar generation into such multi-tenant environments, including apartment and commercial buildings, presents many challenges due to the shared community roof spaces.

Energy On is an established provider with proven solutions to address these challenges and meet the needs of tenants, owners and investors.

Energy On Solar Service

Energy On is not a solar installer, which means we are agnostic to how you wish to proceed. We specialise in offering experienced advice and solutions to meet each network's unique requirements. Our services include:

  • Identifying your needs.
  • Undertaking a Solar Assessment and Benefit Report.
  • Developing an Energy and Financial Outline. 
  • Tendering Process.
  • Evaluation, Selection, and Decision.
  • Ongoing Management and Reporting.

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What is an Embedded Network?

An Embedded Network, or Local Energy Network (LEN) in Victoria, is a private electricity network that is confined to the multi-tenanted building or development. They are commonly found in apartment buildings, retirement villages, commercial buildings, shopping centres, airports, universities, ports... the list goes on.

Solar generation into an Embedded Network offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency and return on investment. 

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Designing Solar for an Embedded Network

The process of installing solar generation in an Embedded Network involves designing and implementing an efficient and cost-effective solar PV system optimised to the energy needs of the site. Maximise the roof space used, while minimising export - but bigger is not always better. Understanding the building's energy consumption and demand, then correlating this to the potential energy generated is crucial to the ongoing success of the generation system. 

Implementing Solar in an Embedded Network

Implementing solar in Embedded Networks brings a multitude of benefits. Firstly, the on-sold energy within the network is priced at a more favourable rate than what is paid at the parent meter, creating additional surpluses for the owner of the Embedded Network (Owners Corporation, Body Corporate, Strata Management, Developer). This generates additional long-term value and return on investment, making Energy On's comprehensive Solar Service an attractive choice for Embedded Network owners.

Embedded Network with Solar Generation

LEN W Solar Left2

 LEN W Solar Right

Choose Energy On for Solar in your Embedded Network

When comparing solar providers, it is crucial to consider the advantages of an expert partner. Energy On's commitment to sustainable energy solutions, expertise in solar installation within Embedded Networks, and ability to provide value and returns with no upfront costs make us the ideal choice for your investment. Energy On works on a fair-fee-for-service model, so all solar energy benefits are passed onto the network owners.

Make the smart choice and partner with Energy On to unlock the full potential of solar in your Embedded Network. Experience lower costs, increased returns, control over your network, and a greener future for your community. Contact us today to learn more about our solar solutions for Embedded Networks and take the first step towards a sustainable and profitable energy transition.

Local Energy Networks (LEN) in Victoria

In Victoria, where Embedded Networks are known as Local Energy Networks, Energy On stands out as a trusted and reliable partner, fully compliant with recent state regulations and changes to the General Exemption Order. We will assist you with the 5% on site generation and 100% renewable GreenPower sold to residential tenants.

With our expertise in solar design and implementation there will be seamless integration into an existing or new LEN. We will give you control over the financial benefits and offer a comprehensive solution for those seeking to make a sustainable and profitable investment in their Embedded Network.