Its not compulsory for you to purchase your electricity through the Embedded Network. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) requires that residents within an embedded network are entitled to source their electricity from a retailer of their choice. As such, you are entitled to seek quotations for the supply of electricity direct from any retailer. If you are able to secure a rate that you believe is better than the rates you are receiving as part of the embedded network you can enter into a contract for supply with that retailer.

A daily charge is a fee for accessing and maintaining an energy distributors network. These fees are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and vary depending on where you live. For more information click here

Yes. Concessions for Embedded Network Occupiers vary from state to state, for more information refer to Concessions or Contact Us.

You can check your account balance by simply logging into our online portal by clicking "Sign In" at the top right of your webpage. Alternatively, you can fill out the Account Enquiry Form. Someone from our team will respond to you as soon as possible. You can also inquire about any other matters related to your account with the same form.

The peak and off-peak times vary for different states, distribution areas and type of customer - such as residential or business. The below are guides only for residential customers. For specific information please Contact Us.


Peak times: Electricity used between 7am and 11pm, Monday to Friday.

Off-Peak times: Electricity used between 11pm and 7am, Monday to Friday, and all weekend.

New South Wales

Peak times: Electricity used between 2pm-8pm Monday-Friday.

Shoulder times: Electricity used between 7am-2pm and 8pm-10pm, Monday-Friday, and 7am-10pm on weekends.

Off-Peak times: Electricity used between 10pm-7am.


Peak times: Electricity used between 4pm-8pm Monday-Friday.

Shoulder times: Electricity used between 7am-4pm and 8pm-10pm, Monday-Friday, and 7am-10pm on weekends.

Off-Peak times: Electricity used between 10pm-7am.

South Australia

Peak times: Electricity used between 6am-10pm and 3pm-1am.

Shoulder times: Electricity used between 10am-3pm.

Off-Peak times: Electricity used between 1am-6am.

We have a number of payment options available to you.

If you are overseas the best options would be to pay through BPay (if your financial institution allows it) or you can pay online with a credit card. Click here to view our payment options.

The most likely reason you may have received an unusually high bill is due to billing period fluctuations. Billing periods can go to as high as 37 days, whilst the lowest billing period may be 28 days. If you received an unusually high bill, feel free to contact us and we will investigate the issue for you.

The embedded network is the on-site network of internal wiring and meters that distributes the electricity from the main supply point to the electricity users, such as the tenants and common areas. This network is usually owned and operated by the body corporate or the owner of the premise. By eliminating the need for the distributor to individually meter each tenant, the whole site is supplied by one connection from the local distribution network. The owner of the site becomes the customer of the distributor and the retailer, instead of previously where each tenant on the premise had an individual contract with the distributor and retailer. What are the benefits of using an Embedded Network? Click here to find out.

If you are vacating your property, all you have to do is fill out the Moving Out Form. The same process applies for both residential and business customers (although the forms are different). Please note it is important to include your forwarding address. Once the form is filled, we will contact you as soon as possible to let you know that your utilities are set to be disconnected.