Embedded Network Manager

As of 1 December of 2017, Embedded Networks across the National Electricity Market (NEM) were required to appoint, or become, an accredited Embedded Network Manager (ENM) with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

This requirement has come into effect because of the Power of Choice (PoC) regulations introduced into the electricity market by the AEMO and the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The purpose of the PoC regulations is to ensure that all electricity customers, either businesses or consumers, have access to the electricity retailer of their choice.

The ENM must be formally accredited by AEMO through a rigorous and extensive process that ensures that the ENM can deliver the technical and financial management support to the customers they serve in the Embedded Networks they manage. The role of the accredited Embedded Network Manager is to overview the network, and assist its customers to go “on-market” if this is the option they choose. An “on-market” customer is one that receives electricity from a retailer of their choice that is not the operator of the Embedded Network. To do this they must have a National Meter Identifiers (NMI) which the ENM creates and allocates to them.

The rules and regulations relating to the PoC and the need to be an ENM are all about improving access to retail competition for customers in embedded networks. It’s important to note that embedded network customers that do not appear in the market systems MSATS cannot receive electricity from a market retailer outside the embedded network because they will not have an NMI. In this case, they cannot become on-market customers.

The Embedded Network Manager has further responsibilities, one of which is to ensure the metering installation details of customers in embedded networks are accurately entered into the MSATS.
A network exemption is required for everyone who either owns, operates or controls an embedded network in the National Electricity Market given certain criteria are met. However, not all network exemption holders will require one of the Embedded Network Managers Australia now has.

In some circumstances, embedded network operators have permission to delay the ENM requirement until such time as a customer within the embedded network enters into a contract with a market retailer.
The complete requirements as to when a network exemption holder must either appoint or become an ENM are detailed in the Network Service Provider Registration Exemption Guideline. The Australian Energy Regulator has further information on how to assess whether and when the ENM requirements will apply to the embedded networks that they own, operate or control.

Since the changes came into effect, there has been and continues to be some confusion over what is required of an Embedded Network Manager and the role of an Australian Energy Market Operator.
What do the PoC changes mean and how important is it that you deal with an experienced and accredited ENM? How many of the Embedded Network Managers Australia has, have that mix of experience and accreditation?

The PoC changes will impact Embedded Networks everywhere, not only in understanding the customers’ rights, but also the feasibility of the network.

Energy On is an accredited Embedded Network Manager. With many years’ experience in the operation of Embedded Networks, it was a natural step for us to become an ENM. With this accreditation, we can not only assist the networks we already operate, but we can also help other embedded networks manage their regulatory compliance obligations, while assisting customers within their networks to become on-market.
If you are unsure of what is required of your network with the PoC, or you would like to appoint an accredited ENM with many years’ experience in the field, just give us a call on 1300 323 263 or email us at NetworkServices@EnergyOn.com.au

Embedded Network Manager Information

Energy On is an Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) accredited Embedded Network Manager (ENM). If you are an authorised electricity retailer, or Financially Responsible Market Participant, that a customer has accepted an offer from, please contact Energy On via the email ENM@EnergyOn.com.au