Energy On Financial Hardship Policy

Energy On values its relationship with its customers and recognises that there may be instances where residential customers experience payment difficulties or financial hardship, as a result of which the customer may be unable to pay an outstanding amount as ordinarily required by Energy On.

If you are unable to pay your bills, Energy On may be able to provide you with support and options to get you through this difficult time. Our team can arrange a suitable plan and help you with ways to reduce your energy usage. We commit to treat you with respect and will take into consideration your particular circumstances.

Energy On customers experiencing difficulty in paying their bill should contact The Team at Energy On on as soon as possible in order to discuss an appropriate solution to avoid the risk of disconnection.

Download our policy here: Energy On Financial Hardship Policy – January 2019

Energy On Privacy Policy

We are committed to the protection of personal privacy and have adopted a policy to protect information about individuals.  This policy describes the information we collect and hold, how we use that information, how that information may be disclosed, the security of that information, how you can access and correct any such information and other relevant details concerning your privacy.

Download our policy here: Energy On Privacy Policy - October 2017

Energy On Complaint Handling Policy

You may lodge a complaint with us at any time about any aspect of our services and, if you do, we are obliged to abide by this Policy.

A complaint may be about a specific aspect of our services or a number of aspects.  Once you make a complaint in an appropriate manner, we will conduct a review of all aspects of the complaint.

You have the option to contact the Energy & Water Ombudsman in your state for independent advice and assistance. Each Ombudsman’s contact details are included in the policy that you can download below.

Download our policy here: Energy On Complaints Handling Policy - February 2019

Energy On Customer Charter

This Customer Charter applies to the supply of your electricity from Energy On Pty Ltd. It provides a guide to our services and responsibilities. There is also important information on your rights and obligations as an electricity consumer.

Download our Charter here: Energy On Customer Charter – January 2019

Energy On Life Support Policy

If you, or someone in your household, have a requirement for Life Support Equipment, it is important that Energy On is made aware of this requirement to ensure continued supply of electricity.

To understand our obligations to you and yours to us please review our policy which can be downloaded here: Energy On Life Support Policy - October 2017

Energy On Record Keeping

Energy On maintains a ‘No Contact List’ of small customers who have opted out of receiving any marketing material Energy On may send in the future.

Customers on this list have a 2 year inclusion period. This period is refreshed if the customer requests inclusion or maintenance of inclusion.