Energy Consulting

Energy Consulting services that help you measure, monitor and manage your energy efficiently

Using our deep industry experience our team of experienced consultants ensure that supply contracts, network rates and building efficiencies are at their optimal, both to the networks we manage, and to large utility consumers.

One call to Energy On could save you thousands on your annual energy bills.

Contact Us today or call us on 1300 323 263 to discover ways to reduce your electricity costs.

Network Rehabilitation

Energy On has acted as energy consultant on a series of ‘brownfield’ and ‘greenfield’ residential and commercial energy network rehabilitations.

Energy On are experts in the rehabilitation of existing embedded networks. Is your network delivering you a surplus to put towards common area costs and maintenance? Is your parent meter correctly contracted to suit your site and delivering you the best value for money?

Have you been with a provider for a contract term and not happy and looking for a better deal? We will deliver you a better outcome if any of the above are true.

Brownfield Conversions

Energy On has acted as energy consultant on a series of ‘brownfield’ and ‘greenfield’ residential and commercial energy network conversions.

Many existing buildings are considering the potential for converting their site to an embedded network but don’t know how to go about it. Energy On has acted as expert in the conversion of existing buildings and delivering value to the Owners Corporation.

Existing Utilities Assessment

Have you got unused utilities that aren’t being billed? Energy On can use their energy consulting expertise to convert unused utilities into private on-selling to help you recover costs.

Tariff Assessments

Many owners do not know that they could save 10,000s or 100,00s of dollars on their utility bills if they had a tariff plan that best suited their utility usage. Energy On have the knowledge and expertise to help you a tariff plan that best suits your utility usage.

Demand Side Management

Our Demand Side Management (DSM) consulting service will look into and modify the consumer demand for energy to evaluate ways in which your utilities are costing you more. Our expertise in demand side management can help you modify your usage behaviour to save you money.

Solar and Tri-Generation

Sustainable energy sources offer various benefits to owners, whether it is increasing a building’s green credentials, or increasing efficiency and effectivity of your energy. Energy On are experts on sustainable energy sources such as Solar & Tri-Generation. Contact us to find out more about sustainable energy sources and what they can do for you.