The Embedded Network Operator’s Role In On Selling Electricity and Other Utilities - On Selling Energy

23 May 2018

In this video, Energy On GM Andrew McMeekin describes the role of an Embedded Network Operator to Glenda Dennler of Top Notch Legal.

Andrew describes the Embedded Network Operator’s role as the vehicle for owners’ corporations to on sell energy and other utilities in multi-tenant environments.

For the end user, the role of the Embedded Network Operator is much like that of a regular electricity retailer – Energy On provides customer care, meter reading, invoicing, reminder notices and receives payments.

For owners’ corporations, Energy On operates the utility network on their behalf. That is, decision makers of multi-dwelling apartment buildings no longer need to be concerned or burdened with utility management duties.  From site feasibility, evaluation and planning – through to implementation, metering, reporting, invoicing and credit management.                          

For new developments or existing entities, Energy On (as Embedded Network Operator) can manage the on selling of electricity and other utilities to ensure that supply contracts, network rates and building efficiencies are at their optimal, without incurring additional costs to residents.