Case Study: Energy On's Solutions for Residential Water Usage Data Recovery

19 February 2024


A prominent Melbourne residential complex with more than 550 apartments faced a significant challenge when their existing Inovonics TapWatch infrastructure, responsible for hot water and cold water usage data collection, became obsolete. The loss of this critical data had severe financial implications, as billing and revenue collection were compromised.

Problem Identification

The outdated Inovonics TapWatch infrastructure at the site had failed, resulting in the loss of water usage data for potentially several years. With hundreds of apartments not receiving accurate invoices, the building estimated a substantial financial impact of $50-$100 per apartment per month. The total financial loss for ten months of missing data was conservatively estimated to be over $500,000.

Engagement with Energy On

Recognising the urgency and financial implications, the site collaborated with Energy On, a leading energy and utility solutions provider. Energy On offered comprehensive services to address the issues related to the obsolete infrastructure and worked closely with the on-site facility manager to devise a strategic plan.

Project Management

Energy On took charge of the project, conducting a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure and formulating a replacement plan. The project management approach involved meticulous coordination with the on-site facility manager to ensure minimal disruption to residents while efficiently installing new equipment.


Energy On successfully replaced the obsolete Inovonics TapWatch infrastructure, introducing state-of-the-art equipment for water usage data collection. The installation process was carefully managed to minimise downtime and inconvenience for residents.


The restoration of hot water and cold water usage data collection had an immediate impact on the building’s financial recovery efforts. With accurate data now available, the residential complex could resume billing and revenue collection for all 556 apartments.

Financial Impact

The financial impact of Energy On's intervention was substantial. The estimated loss of over $500,000 for the ten months of missing data was mitigated. The site could now recover the revenue that had been previously unaccounted for, demonstrating the tangible benefits of Energy On's expertise in solving complex infrastructure challenges.

Benefits Beyond Financial Recovery

Beyond financial gains, the site benefited from enhanced operational efficiency, improved billing accuracy, and a renewed ability to monitor and manage water consumption effectively.

Energy On's Role in Reporting and Monitoring

Energy On's comprehensive reporting capabilities further empowered the residential building. The solution not only provided restored hot water and cold water usage data but also enabled detailed reporting on consumption patterns to identify unusual patterns indicative of leaks or faulty meters. Further, we also monitor the health of Inovonics TapWatch infrastructure on an ongoing basis, recognising faults early on and enabling preventative maintenance. This information allowed the site to identify opportunities for cost recovery and optimise maintenance for both financial and environmental benefits.


Energy On's successful project management and innovative solutions not only rectified the building’s immediate challenges but also positioned them for long-term success in managing its hot and cold water. This case study exemplifies Energy On's commitment to resolving complex issues, delivering financial recovery, and providing sustainable energy solutions for hot and cold water systems and embedded networks.