Paying Your Power Bill

How To Read Your Electricity Bill

There are regulatory requirements in place that determine what is included in your electricity bill. Energy On complies with these regulations and your electricity bill will be similar to those you have had from an Authorised Retailer. A detailed description can be found on our website.

What are the charges listed on my monthly bills?

The daily charge is a fee for accessing and maintaining an energy distributors network. These fees are regulated by the Australian Energy Regulator and vary depending on where you live. The connection fee is only charged once for when you first moved into your place and electricity was first connected. It covers costs involved in connecting you to the network ready for when you move in. Unfortunately, this fee cannot be waived for tenant move-ins as the costs involved in this fee are not just for your standard power connection.

How to pay your electricity invoice?

There are many ways to pay your utility invoices each period. These options are displayed on each periodic utility invoice you receive. You can find further information here.




Credit Card - Online


Credit Card - Over the Phone


Direct Debit

How to Pay from Overseas

If you are overseas you will still be able to make a payment. Energy On offers a variety of different payment options, outlined here.